The Jeanette Fritzky Foundation was established in 2018 by her husband, Bob Fritzky, to honor his wife’s memory by bringing attention to the disease that claimed her life that same year. Jeanette Fritzky passed away from non-small cell lung caner (NSCLC) at the age of 63.

It is the foundations mission to educate and create awareness to women of Asian descent, their doctors and medical profession generally regarding the prevalence of, causes and treatment options for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and certain other cancers that disproportionately affect women of Asian descent.

Immediate outreach plans are to focus on getting information to Asian communities Bay Area-wide; explore county and state funding opportunities to accelerate education; create a presence at American Society of Clinical Oncology and Oncology Nursing Society events; and attempt to meet with cancer health care institutions to spread the word.